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TCx Printers

Things you'll need to know before placing your first order:

  1. Toshiba 6145 printers include both Powered USB and standard USB interfaces. That means that the only time one needs to select an interface adapter is if an Ethernet, Wireless, or RS-232 interface is desired.
  2. There is no provision for RS-485 interface adapters at this time. In a Windows environment the VSP driver package provide the RS232 functionality. With the driver package installed the printer API remains the same as for a printer with a physical RS232 interface.
  3. The VSP driver package provides enhanced function and performance relative to the RS-232 interface adapter at a lower cost. The RS-232 adapter is recommended only where a physical RS-232 connection is required and direct communication with the printer is required by the application. See the VSP User’s guide for details on Hardware and Software requirements for the VSP driver. There is a Windows version and a Linux version available. The User guide is included with the download package:
  4. The Powered USB connection uses a compact connector to the printer. This cable is DIFFERENT from the IBM and Toshiba SureMark 4610 Printer family. You are advised to look at FC 6080, 6081, 6085, and 6086 to become familiar with this.
  5. The TCx Printer bases are physically shorter (from front to back) than the IBM 4610 or Toshiba SureMark 4610 printer. Therefore, a new filler is required if you wish to install the TCx Printer into a SurePOS 500, SurePOS 700, or TCx 700 Integration Tray. The filler fits between the rear of the printer and the integration fence. Please examine the descriptions for FC 7221, 7222, 7656, and 7657
  6. There is no capability to order a small roll of receipt paper roll. If your customer requires terminal integration or testing / verification prior to installation, then it is your responsibility to acquire this media.
  7. The TCx Printers have the capability of actuating a Toshiba SDL or IBM-branded 24-volt SDL cash drawer via a special cable (FC 3387 or 6097). The USB-interfaced cash drawers must be actuated from the POS terminal.
  8. The Power Brick (FC 4930) is backward compatible to IBM and Toshiba 4610 SureMark Printers. The use of legacy SureMark Printer power bricks is not supported due to capacity, efficiency, and other changes during the SureMark Printer lifecycle.
  9. The Interface panel on these printers is different than prior generations of 4610 SureMark printers. The basic panel with USB, Power, and the cash drawer port is fixed. Therefore, the USB Interface (standard and powered) is ALWAYS present. The Ethernet, Wireless, or RS-232 option cards fit into the Interface panel. The printer now supports concurrent printing from USP plus one other interface.                                                                          6145-tcx-printer-guide-to-features-v23a
  10. The 6145 Printer family does not accept the 103mm diameter receipt paper rolls. The maximum diameter is 83mm
  11. The use of a powered USB connection at the same time as the FC 4930 Power Brick is not
    recommend. Using both will not cause damage but typically results in a configuration that costs more and is more complex than needed.
  12. The printer cash drawer port is capable of supporting two cash drawers. It is the customer’s responsibility to acquire a cable to support this. The characteristics are described in the User’s Guide (to be published by the General Availability date). This port is the same as the cash drawer port on the legacy IBM and Toshiba 4610 SureMark printers.

Special Considerations for the RS-232 Interface

Please consider following notes when using RS-232 adaptor with TCx 6145 printer:

  • Toshiba provides Virtual Serial Port Windows and Linux driver over USB so legacy RS-232
    applications will work with USB TCx 6145 printers
  • The data rate using Serial Adapter is significantly slower than USB or network options. This
    slows printing especially receipts with graphics and logos.
  • At lower data rates, printing may be not as smooth with pauses as the receipt is being
  • USB and Powered USB is built in with no additional charge.
  • System Management function is dependent on the application when RS-232 attached. USB
    attachment using OPOS or JavaPOS enables industry standard System Management APIs.
  • Automated configuration and firmware updates independent of the application are not
    available when directly using RS-232 attached printers.
  • In general, the firmware configuration is slow comparting to other connections.
  • UPOS drivers can be easily reconfigured to use USB or network rather than RS232. No
    application changes required.


The following Standard Model configurations are in effect starting February, 2021. Toshiba believes that these TWO Black printer Standard Models will:

• Provide greater responsiveness to customer demands• Enable more competitive pricing for entry, mid & high level logic models, MES and pick-n-pack features• Simplify operational processes both for Toshiba and its Partners• Over time, improve cycle times for deliverySingle Station – 6145-1TN – USB Interface
Dual Station with MICR – 6145-2TC USB

CAUTION: The Brilliant White single station printer and the Non-MICR 6145-2TN are NOT included as Standard models.