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Wendy Thacker

ScanSource Offers PowerHours, a Virtual Learning Initiative

ScanSource is proud to present PowerHours, a virtual learning series designed to power up your business now. Our partners spoke, and we listened. We acknowledge that we’re in unprecedented times, and businesses are facing new kinds of challenges. ScanSource is here to provide the most relevant and forward-focused knowledge to help our partners succeed.

We’ve partnered with Channelcorp for the first series of PowerHours, a line-up of eight weekly sessions focused on protecting the financial health of your business.

David Hertwig, SVP of Sales for ScanSource, says, “PowerHours is a great educational series that gives a real evaluation of what’s happening today in our market and with our partners. It provides guidance and presents solutions that can help partners plan for the future of their businesses.”

In the first installment of the series, Bruce Stuart, Co-founder of Channelcorp, and David Hertwig walk partners through an assessment of today’s economic climate—including canceled orders, cash flow disruptions, managing a remote workforce, supply chain disruptions, and much more—and discuss how ScanSource offers programs that can help them take actionable steps to keep moving forward.

Partners will learn to evaluate their company’s station within the stages of economic change, and pick up strategies for recovery. Every ScanSource channel partner has been impacted differently based on a set of key factors including offerings, markets served, and overall quality of business. ScanSource aims to help partners assess and understand the changes they’ve experienced and guide them to make financial decisions that positively impact the future.  

To register, or for more information on PowerHours, head on over to our website.