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About Diva SDK Forum

In this forum we focus on programming questions for developers working with the Diva SDK. The Diva SDK works with a number of Dialogic telephony platforms, giving an abstraction layer that can make applications portable across different telephony technologies:

  • Analog: Diva Analog-2, Diva Analog-4, Diva Analog-8
  • T1/E1 or PRI: Diva PRI/E1/T1, Diva V-2PRI/E1, Diva V-4PRI/E1
  • ISDN BRI: Diva BRI-2, Diva 4BRI-8
  • VoIP: HMP for Windows, Diva softIP
The Diva SDK offers APIs for C/C++, for VB and VB.NET (the Component API), and also a C# Framework for native C# apps. The functionality is broadly similar for each API.     

We like to stay focused on developer issues on this forum, so please don't use this as an alternative to the established Dialogic support channel for hardware and software installation and configuration issues.

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