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Developing and deploying next-generation interactive response solutions.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have been a mainstay application for the delivery of automated self-service in the telecommunications industry for nearly three decades. IVR not only provides automated self-service, but also serves as a portal or access point for a range of communication applications, with the most notable being agent-attended contact centers and conference bridges. While IVR is a mature solution, there are exciting new things on the IVR horizon. As fixed and wireless voice communications networks, protocols, and endpoints transition rapidly from hybrid circuit-switched / packet-switched IP to true end-to-end IP communication sessions, new opportunities are emerging to innovate around interactive response beyond voice communications. With this, there comes a need to enable new ways to develop and deploy solutions that align with today’s IP centric world and development communities.

This whitepaper covers new communication channels for interactive response and profiles as well as new development and deployment options that leverage the trends in networks, media processing and computing technology; it also reaches out to the solution developers who seek to innovate around these opportunities and into these networks.

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