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Making improved performance and cost savings possible.

As fax technology continues to evolve, enterprises are faced with the decision of whether to upgrade their fax solution to V.34, which represents the latest in fax standards.

Nicknamed “V.Fast”, the V.34 fax standard is heralded as an important development in fax technology. Not only can it send fax data at more than twice the speed of V.17 (14.4 kbps), but it also supports fast handshaking, which can cut call setup and session-management time by one-third. Fax devices supporting the V.34 protocol also can deliver more reliable fax transmissions, requiring fewer resends, under a wider range of line conditions than those supporting older fax standards such as V.17 and 9.6 kbps.

This white paper discusses the V.34 fax standard, and how those choosing to adopt 33.6 kbps fax devices and useV.34 fax technology can position themselves for benefits such as increased cost savings.

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