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From our desktops to our pockets, today’s workplaces revolve around advanced technology. Jabra believes the conference room deserves equally well-designed communication tools, like ZoomTalk microphones. For days when team members can’t gather around the table together, Jabra uses Bluetooth and USB technology to create portable speakers and support the ultimate, remote-collaboration environment.

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Over 80% of CIOs believe that collaboration technology is very or extremely important for meeting their organizations' top business goals, according to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 2017. The Jabra Speak Series of easy-to-use speakerphones are engineered to make conference calls sound crystal clear, so collaboration is simple and you won't miss a word. These are compatible with all leading UC platforms, so you can set up a meeting in seconds.

Trying to decide which Speak is right for your customer? Below is a simple guide to help direct you.

  • Speak 410 - A portable solution for 1-4 people, has laptop connectivity. This is Jabra's entry-level USB conference speakerphone solution.
  • Speak 510 - A portable solution for 1-4 people, has Bluetooth connectivity for PC, tablet or smartphone and omni-directional microphone.
  • Speak 710 - A portable solution for 1-6 people that includes premium sound with an omni-directional microphone and HIFi grade speaks. Has ability to daisy chain with another Speak 710.
  • Speak 750 - A portable solution for 1-6 people with an integrated Microsoft Teams button and full duplex audio, can be used with a PC or softphone.
  • Speak 810 - A stationary solution for up to 15 people. Provides superior audio and utilizes 6 unique ZoomTalk microphones. Connects via USB, Bluetooth and 3.5 mm connection to laptop or smartphone.