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It’s simple. Any advance in technology is designed to accomplish missions more effectively, while containing costs and simplifying or eliminating peripheral tasks.

Maybe your customers have seen the light and are migrating to cloud. Or maybe they—or you—aren’t quite convinced. Of course, any transition requires initial planning and investment, and you want to make sure you’re making the right choice.

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Smart thinking—you and your customers have embraced a cloud business model. Let us tell you how Mitel’s cloud services rise to the challenge of delivering reliable profits for you and dependable service for your clients. Bottom line: Mitel offers dependable, top-of-the-line technology solutions for every communications situation. Mitel’s endpoints and appliances offer pristine connectivity with minimal downtime. And, building on that, Mitel’s forward-thinking solutions let you and your customers stay nimble and ready to meet the next business challenge. Dynamic and scalable, Mitel solutions are an investment customers can trust to take them into the future, no matter how their business evolves.

Featured Platforms

Mitel & RingCentral MVP

Mitel’s strategic partnership with RingCentral allows them to continue their strategy of working closely with their channel community to meet customers wherever they are on their communications journey. As a partner, you will benefit from a frictionless go-to-market model, along with marketing tools and attractive incentives to help you serve your customers if they choose to migrate to RingCentral MVP with their two focused programs: Cloud Migrate to MVP and On-Premises Migrate to MVP.

Mitel Cloud Solutions

Mitel offers two different cloud solutions: MiCloud Connect and MiCloud Flex. Both are all-in-one solutions combining voice, video, chat and contact center into a seamless user experience. As complementary solutions, MiCloud Connect is a public shared service that makes it easy to manage and scale, while MiCloud Flex is a dedicated instance in a private cloud environment, giving customers flexibility on how their solution is deployed.

If you're still on the fence about cloud, here are just a few reasons to consider the switch:

See how the Mitel cloud transition has worked for our partners: