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Smart thinking—you and your customers have embraced a cloud business model. Let us tell you how Mitel’s cloud services rise to the challenge of delivering reliable profits for you and dependable service for your clients.

Bottom line: Mitel offers dependable, top-of-the-line technology solutions for every communications situation. Mitel’s endpoints and appliances offer pristine connectivity with minimal downtime.

And, building on that, Mitel’s forward-thinking solutions let you and your customers stay nimble and ready to meet the next business challenge. Dynamic and scalable, Mitel solutions are an investment customers can trust to take them into the future, no matter how their business evolves.

Featured Platforms

MiCloud Connect

Rather than selling separate software and hardware, imagine handling customers’ unified-communications needs with a single solution. That’s where MiCloud Flex comes in. Mitel hosts and supports the service in secure data centers, while Mitel Authorized Partners interface with customers to create, implement, and manage tailored solutions.

Additional Mitel Cloud Offerings

MiCloud Engage Contact Center

When your clients need to provide customer service anywhere, anytime, introduce them to MiCloud Engage Contact Center. This scalable, flexible cloud platform is built on open API architecture, so customers can integrate quickly with existing systems.




  • Brochure—Read the basics and see agent and administrator experience examples.
  • Datasheet—Share a complete service overview with potential customers.
  • MiContact Center Live vs. MiCloud Engage Contact Center—Facilitate the decision between these two options with comparison charts of features divided by agent, administration, reporting, and more.
  • A flexible solution—Do your customers have fluctuating customer-service needs? Use this video to show how MiCloud Engage Contact Center can help them balance the load.
  • A data-driven solution—Watch to see how MiCloud Engage Contact Center can help small- to mid-sized businesses integrate customer service, analytics, and marketing teams.


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